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Assembly Steps and Precautions for the Column of Powder Forming Hydraulic Press: Compilation by Hydraulic Press Manufacturers

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I. Assembly Steps for the Column of Powder Forming Hydraulic Press

    1. Use shoulder pads to support the lower crossbeam, slider, and upper crossbeam of the hydraulic press, adjusting their level to ensure that the column holes are concentric.


    2. Bundle the columns with ton bags, lift them using a crane, slowly descend, and with manual assistance, thread the columns through the upper crossbeam, slider, and lower crossbeam. Avoid damaging the columns during this process.

    3. Tighten the bolts on the upper and lower surfaces of the upper and lower crossbeams but do not fully tighten them; adjustments should still be made. Proceed to assemble the other columns.

    4. Adjust the distance between the upper and lower crossbeams and the slider according to the equipment's horizontal and vertical distances, then tighten the nuts.

    5. Secure components such as copper bushings and dust seals on the slider's upper surface, adding lubricating oil.

    6. Once the column assembly meets requirements, remove the protective film on the column surface.

  II. Precautions

    1. During assembly, columns should not come into contact with external hard components to prevent damage to the hard chrome plating on the column surface.

    2. Before column assembly, prepare copper bushings, dust seals, and locking nuts. As the column is assembled, corresponding components should be installed to avoid overlooking certain parts during assembly, necessitating disassembly.

    3. In case of errors during assembly, mild tapping with a wooden hammer wrapped in a soft material is permissible. Direct tapping on the column surface should be avoided to prevent deformation or damage.

    4. The protective film on the column surface should only be removed after installation and commissioning are qualified to prevent wear or contamination during the installation process.

    5. Column fixation should occur after all columns have been successfully adjusted to avoid fixing one while others cannot be assembled.

  The installation of the column in the powder forming hydraulic press should be carried out by professional technicians. During installation, attention should not only be given to the installation accuracy of the equipment but also to safety. Adjustments to the installation steps should be made promptly. For components with significant errors, reprocessing should be undertaken, and forced assembly should be avoided to prevent damage to other components of the hydraulic press.

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