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How Long Can the Hydraulic Hoses of a Three-Beam Four-Column Hydraulic Press Be Used?

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  The hydraulic hoses on a three-beam four-column hydraulic press are primarily composed of a resistant inner rubber layer, an intermediate rubber layer, 2, 4, or 6 layers of wire winding reinforcement, and an outer rubber layer. The inner rubber layer allows the conveying medium to withstand pressure, protecting the wires from corrosion. The outer rubber layer safeguards the wires from damage, and the wire layer serves as the reinforcing skeletal material. In cases of prolonged inactivity of hydraulic hoses, it's advisable to purge any internal water. The hoses should be coiled first according to the winding pattern and then laid flat. Special attention should be given to the twisting and bending of adjacent parts near the hose joints. The joints should be coated with rust-preventing oil to prevent contact with high temperatures, high pressures, and corrosive media.

  The types and models of hydraulic hoses have been introduced earlier. Now, how long can hydraulic hoses be used? Firstly, assembly hydraulic hoses can be used for 4 years, starting from the day of production. The service life should not exceed 6 years, and the storage time within these 6 years should not exceed 2 years.

  It's important to note that for hydraulic presses with hydraulic hoses made of special materials, forcibly disassembling and tightening during assembly and disassembly is not recommended. To maintain the thread connection, a smooth viscous oil should be applied to the external surface of the thread when assembling. After disassembly, a repair sleeve should be used to maintain the connected threads. Correct use of hydraulic hoses can result in a longer lifespan.

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